10 Reasons Why You Should Partner with Us

By now you are intrigued by the idea of Direct Cellars but you’ve got nothing but questions. Totally understandable. Do your research. Start with us, your potential business partners. When you get to know us, you’ll see that we are as real as can be and probably not too unlike yourself.

We’re about to lay out 10 reasons, in no particular order, why you should feel safe investing your time, effort, and yes money into this business with us.

But first, introductions:
We are a husband/wife team. My name is Chad Ryg and hers is Dita Ryg (feel free to Facebook friend us). The last name is pronounced RIG and I’ve adopted the moniker BigRyg to help with the hesitation in pronunciation. We’ve been married since 2004. I was born and raised in Montana while she in the Czech Republic. I met her while stationed in Germany early in my military career.  We have 2 little men who are way smarter then I was at their age.


We started this business because my 20 year Army career is coming to an end and this is exactly what I want to be doing with my young retirement age. When I brought this up to Dita she said, “YES! Do it!  IT’S WINE!” So we invested in not 1 but 2 business centers under each of our names. We can explain the benefit of doing that in case you and your spouse are interested.


  1. Experienced – I’ve been in a similar business for over 5 years. Though it didn’t grow to a point of sustainability, I quickly recognized Direct Cellars as a superior opportunity and it’s already matched the income level of the business that I pulled the plug on. Perhaps you are in a similar situation.
  2. Leadership – This is a business that will only grow if you apply leadership, mentorship, and a professional direction.  As a senior Army officer, I am trained and practiced in nearly every group and team scenario imaginable from partnerships all the way up to multi-million dollar organizations.
  3. Educated – We are both educated adults.  Dita is working on her MBA while I hold a master’s in human resources management. In addition, I have been to many professional military schools which focus on leadership and management.  In addition, we both believe that personal development is a constant process and persue self driven improvement on a daily basis. Join our team and this will be part of your routine as well.
  4. Autonomy – We want you to understand, that when you join our team that we are not your boss. You are buying a business in which you have complete freedom to conduct as you see fit. What you will get from us is our interest and undivided attention when needed. We’ll provide guidance and recommendations as well as motivation.
  5. Example – Join our team and you will see precisely how we conduct our business. We will not build a team just to sit back and let their efforts build our bonus checks. We’ll show you that we will conduct ourselves just the same with a large team as we would with no team. You’ll see that we conduct ourselves routinely and consistently and that we treat our business like a business and our business will pay us like one.
  6. Assistance – When you need direct assistance just ask. We will help you understand your business model; help you come up with ideas; help you recruit; conduct tastings if local etc.
  7. Communication – We are easy to talk to. I like to think I’m almost always available and have often found myself in text conversations in the deepest of hours. Call, text, skype, facetime, in person, whatever is best.
  8. Multi-Dimensional – This business is no doubt a big part of our lives and will be our primary common ground. However, there are so many more sides to our life that you are welcome to connect with us. In fact it’s encouraged just so that it keeps our relationship interesting. (guitars, writing, making stuff, kids, cairn terriers, history, army, geeky stuff, board games, property management, fitness…)
  9. Interested – We have a vested interest in your success. Not only does it help our own business but when we are partners we are friends. We want our friends to win.
  10. FUN! – At least we think so! Find out for yourself.

We hope this helps in your decision making process.  Again we invite you to connect personally.

As we grow our business, no matter which of us sponsors you, you get us both. When you sign up we will make the decision, strategically, on which of our business center’s to sponsor you with. If you have a spouse we highly suggest this same approach. We’ll tell you exactly why in a future article. In the mean time, just ask.

Post below and let us know if this helped move the needle one way or the other.

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