1. As a member of the DC Wine Club, each bottle you receive is hand selected by an expert tasting committee, led by Jerry Greenfield himself. There is VALUE in having your wine picked out by an expert for you.
  2. Each bottle you receive comes with tasting and pairing notes. These notes are written to describe to you the rich history of the artisan vineyard the bottle was birthed from, a clear description of the specific grape varietals used in producing the bottle in your hand, what to expect when drinking it in terms of flavor profiles, and finally, what to pair the wine with in terms of food to get the most palatable experience from it. There is VALUE with having your wine hand selected and having these notes written for you.
  3. The company picks up all state and local sales taxes, as well as all shipping costs. There is VALUE with this.
  4. The bottles are guaranteed. If for some reason you feel the bottle meets your expectations, you simply call the company and they send you a replacement bottle free of charges, including free shipping for the replacement. Try taking an empty bottle back to the liquor store and explaining you didn’t like it so you want another bottle for free. There is VALUE in this guarantee.
  5. As a member of Direct Cellars Wine Club, you get full access to Wine Whisperer Wednesday’s productions filmed by Jerry Greenfield himself, exclusively for DC members. This is a free, wine education offered to us to make us better educated wine drinkers, which allows us to enjoy our monthly experiences more fully. There is VALUE in this wine education.
  6. If you’ve ever ordered a bottle service at a restaurant you know that much of the VALUE comes from the experience. The presentation, the information, the sampling, the approval, and finally the pour are all built into the cost. Direct Cellars creates that experience in the leisure of your own home with all of the previous listed benefits.
  7. I saved my absolute favorite VALUE for the end. Camaraderie in socializing has always been magnified over a bottle of wine. I encourage you not to drink these alone. Share with your friends, family, and neighbors and make it a regular planned event. Sometimes all we need is an excuse to be social.

Relationship building, specifically with your significant other, has been a golden VALUE for me and my wife.

My wife and I are both naturally reserved individuals but when we put the kids to bed and share a bottle of wine, the distractions go away and we really connect.  That of course leads to further relationship VALUE.


These are but 7 of many more benefits of your monthly membership, in addition to the wine itself. As I pointed out, there’s is VALUE in all of these additional benefits.

When you compare a price point, consider all of the other benefits and taking them into account. Realize what it is to be a member of this exclusive tasting club.