Live in the UK

That’s right! My company, Direct Cellars, has taken the international step and launched in the UK on August 1st!

Here to Stay

We are the fastest growing wine club in the world and in 12 months, we will be in 8 major countries to include the US and the UK. Overall we are the 3rd largest wine club in the world after only being in existence since 2014. The largest wine club was established in 1969 and has only 200,000 members. We have over 30,000 already and now we can start adding UK residents! Available countries will include, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.  So if you or anyone you know are part of those populations, then get in touch so I can keep you up to date on all the progress we’re making toward those launches.

Amazing Opportunity

If you are in the UK then you have an amazing opportunity to get in at the beginning.  I always say, the best time to get involved in something was at the beginning, the second best time is NOW, and the worst time is when you’re ready.  Well, guess what.  NOW is the beginning!  I’m here to answer all of your questions and will make this a comfortable decision to make.

Whether you want to be a club member and receive premium international wines, would like to earn just enough to get your wine for free, or want to potentially earn enough to make a living then there is potential for all of that here.  So get curious and check the page link below and check out the video for a little more detail.

I encourage you to go to the Facebook Launch page <—- HERE and click LIKE.  A message there or any of my listed social media will come straight to me.

More to follow on the specifics.

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