Thank You for the Last 5 Years BeachBody

Thanks BeachBody!

In 2012, at the ripe old age of 34, I looked at myself and admitted that I had a problem. Like they tell you in any 12 step program, the first step is to admit the problem. I was READY to change because it wasn’t going to get any easier. After watching the Insanity commercial with my wife and our 3 month old son she said, “I WANT TO DO THAT!” So I walked out of the room and ordered it straight off of ebay. This was the solution and it would change our lives, even beyond today.

After Insanity was P90x and that’s when I decided that I could do this COACHING thing. Everyone had to know that it was just a matter of deciding and I was there to help people realize that by setting the example. I did BeachBody program after program. I got bigger, faster, and stronger. I ran challenge groups and connected with people 1 on 1 and it was great. I’ve helped people lose up to 50 pounds and made an impact on their lives.

But I’ve Pulled the Plug

on the business portion of my fit life. It was NOT AN EASY DECISION but, as is my nature, it was swift and decisive. There was a time, mere weeks ago even, that I told myself that this was the answer to my fast approaching Army retirement. I would do this full time and spread the good nature of fitness for decades to come. However a series of experiences and company changes forced me into some reflection that has been bubbling just under the surface for the past couple of years.

Back to step 1 of admitting I had a problem. As a motivator and coach in this business, I’m not good enough to make this a viable business. Some people who know me will tell me that’s just not true and that I’m being hard on myself. That may appear to be the case and I’m in no way looking for sympathy but its the logical conclusion. I weighed the amount of effort and expense I spent developing myself, my business, and failing to connect with my team and clients versus the amount of business growth that wasn’t happening it was an obvious decision. I would say I was easily putting in a full time schedule on top of my military career with very little to show for my 5 years of effort.

I Needed Another Solution

It’s still my goal to not enter the work force upon my retirement in 2021. I’d been developing a couple free-lance services on-line that have actually proven to have decent potential. Without the efforts of BeachBody Coaching weighing me down, I could put more energy into developing that. But then out of the blue an opportunity came up that I’d only heard negativity about. So many BeachBody Coaches were turning in their coaching businesses to go do this other thing. I mentioned it to my wife and she said,

“YES Do it! It’s WINE!”

Believe it or not, BeachBody created some serious tension on our marriage. I don’t even want to think about it. Basically it stemmed from my expectation that we build the business together. She was adamant that she wanted NO part of it. I just couldn’t understand it. Especially when I would look across BeachBody at the “Power Couples” and how solid it made their relationships and how effective they could be as a team. So with her enthusiasm, there was very little for me to debate about this venture.

So We are doing it!

Get this. I’m currently 8 months into an Afghanistan rotation. After some extensive research and checking out some of the distributors, I chose a team that was both fun and experienced in this kind of business and we bought TWO wine businesses on sheer confidence in the product, the business, and the service!  We are so excited to have found something we can build together and incorporate our creativity into. We have big plans together and believe me, you will be entertained.

Here’s a concept for our theme!

The company is called Direct Cellars. It’s basically an international Wine of the Month Club where customers receive a selection of wine from any of our 2000 world-wide wineries at their door. They choose a preference of reds or whites or both and each month its a total surprise. Each wine is personally selected by “The Wine Whisperer” and comes with tasting notes and the background of each selection. So far the biggest objection I’ve heard is, what if they hate it or they just can’t do a dry wine. No problem! Direct Cellars will ship a different bottle at no cost or shipping. Try that with your local store!

No Regrets

Again, thanks BeachBody. I have met some of my best friends through this company. The lifestyle of my immediate family as well as that of many of my extended family have been affected. I’ve learned some key business principals and sought out some very valuable training.

This will likely be my last post here.

You can certainly follow me on any of my social media linked here.

Find more information about Direct Cellars and feel free to ask questions HERE.

10 thoughts on “Thank You for the Last 5 Years BeachBody”

  1. Thanks you for sharing this, good luck with your business. This post has given me some motivation to pursue my business plans too. I think I need to do beach body too 🙂 got 2 stone to lose.

  2. It’s always so mentally tough trying to build a business and second guessing yourself always seems to get in the way. Good luck on your new business venture. I am sure this will be the one to succeed.

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