What is Oklahoma SQ 792


Oklahoma State Question 792 is a bill that was recently passed in November of 2016.  It basically allows for wine and full-strength beer sales in grocery stores in 2018.  (This is the part where you might skip to WHY DO YOU CARE)  The relief of the current restrictions is projected to take nearly 2 years to go into effect.  The restrictions date back to just after the prohibition era of the 1920s and this past election showed that voters among both consumers and retailers/producers were ready to be in equal competition with the rest of the states.  Some opponents to the measure state that SQ 792 holds liquor stores to additional, stricter standards that regulate everything from how many locations they can operate to what percentage of their sales come from nonalcoholic items. Additionally they affirm that this bill removes a checks and balance system that keeps pricing and quality in line among competitors.

Susan Boehrer, president of the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council said, “Each industry that has its own pros and cons going into it, but I personally feel that modernizing alcohol laws is better overall for Oklahoma residents.”

Why Do You Care

One major provision that 792 will allow is the shipping of wine to residents over age 21 for the first time.  This very moment, there is a trending wine business blossoming in almost every state.  This business is not allowed in Utah due to the control of the Mormon population and North Dakota alcohol business is completely tribal controlled.  Those 2 states will never allow this.  Oklahoma is the only excluded state that will allow this new business… eventually.  But it is incredibly unfortunate for interested Oklahoma residents to take advantage of this opportunity.  January 2018 is a long time to wait to get started in a business that is on fire!

Direct Cellars is a company that was established in 2014 as a small internet wine club and grew rapidly. Direct Cellars has become one of the premier wine clubs in the country. Over the last few years they’ve created and maintained relationships that consist of the best wine lovers and experts. Their in-house team of wine tasters have been tasting and selecting wines from all over the world for the last 15 years. They only select wines from world class wine producers which are then shipped right to your door!  Direct Cellars have exclusive rights with over 2000 of the best wineries world-wide.

Direct Sellers has recently evolved their word-of-mouth business into individual distributorships.  So that means the average Joe or Josephine can take up a business which would otherwise cost a minimum of 6 figures to start.  The market for this product is vast so one can see the huge potential this carries.  We’ve all seen and probably personally know someone that has taken their income to another level with a fitness or make-up business.  I bet you haven’t seen it happen with wine yet.  At the moment, there are only around 10,000 distributors nationwide and soon to expand to the United Kingdom and eventually Canada.  So you can probably see the severe disadvantage this puts Oklahoma residents at.

How Can You Get Ahead

If you’re still reading, you might be getting a little upset at the delayed implementation of 792.  The only restriction that a resident has is the fact that UPS will not deliver to your door.  So let’s address the solution to the population that live along the edge of the state boarders.  If you are willing to drive to your nearest out of state UPS store you’re good.  Whether you’re in Oklahoma City or 10 minutes from Kansas, no worries.  You could probably make it a tax write off.  The other solution I have to offer is that you could just gift your personal subscription to an out of state friend or family member and write that off too.

I’m sure this raises a couple questions about your customers such as, “I can’t sell wine to locals and expect them to drive 30+ minutes to an out of state UPS store, so how can I make this a viable business?”  This is a valid concern IF you plan to conduct your business solely to that market.  I would like to point out that I am currently in Afghanistan for a year and I am killing it in this business.

Afghanistan, Deployment

You might also be wondering about the urgency of getting involved now rather then in 2018.  In addition to retail sales, it is also a business of networking where you can build a team of distributors like yourself.  Through your leadership and co-working, you are quite literally in a position to create an empire and generate a level of financial freedom you never thought was possible as a teacher/Soldier/banker/waitress.  The best time to get involved in any business was when it started.  The second best time is NOW.  The worst time is when you’re ready!

As a leader, I want you to have the same opportunity I have now.  I’m an experienced business man and currently operate several in addition to my military career.  If you are new to this type of business, you won’t be doing it alone.

If you are ready to get ahead of this speed bump in front of Oklahoma click HERE to start filling in the details.


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