Why You Should Enroll Dual Businesses

So you’re already running a wine business or at least seriously considering it. I’m going to share with you the advantage of signing up with a second business center whether that’s with your spouse or a close family member. I do it and I present the option to everyone of my partners because it’s just smart. Some of this requires some understanding of how our amazing compensation plan is set up. I’ll try to walk you through that as best I can as if you have zero understanding at this point.

When I joined, I already knew from previous experience, that this was also going to be a dual business situation so I knew that the price point for entry was going to be doubled. So prepare yourself for that. Here’s the advantage to this first step. You will enroll for the $249 or the $499 option for Premium or Elite status. Once my business center was active, I immediately logged in and enrolled my wife for another $499.


  1. Half Price – Yes we know $1000 is a steep investment but it is exactly that. An investment. One which I was able to cover in my first month but that’s another conversation. So about that second enrollment fee… As a business, one of the ways we make money is through a 50% commission on new enrollments. You get to claim your second business center as your first (or next) enrollment and will get half of the fee that you just paid back as commission. So you’re $1000 fee is actually $750!
  2. Half-Way – This will require a little further explanation of the compensation plan. We don’t start earning team volume bonuses until we have a team. Obviously right? By Direct Cellars definition, a team consists of you and two other partners that you personally sponsored. This first enrollment absolutely counts as one of those partners. You will want to place them on your weak-side leg. We will be sure to walk you through that and why.
  3. Combine and multiply – Your efforts alone are squared whenever you can work closely with a partner. It creates an energy and an enthusiasm that feeds off of each other when you’ve got a common goal and a common path. In network marketing there is nothing more impressive than a POWER COUPLE growing together.
  4. Double dipping – Technical stuff: You can review the compensation plan in detail HERE. Our compensation plan is a binary system which means we place our partners within our organization on team 1 or team 2. We are paid weekly bonuses based off of the volume in the weak team. That is why you want to place your spouse or second business as early as possible on your weak side because it will not matter how much volume your strong side produces until your weak side surpasses the strong side. So your business center will receive bonuses based off of your second business center and all other partners performance on the weak side. Once you have maxed out the compensation plan of your business center with merely 9 partners then you can focus on your spouse’s business center and your business center will continue to grow in bonuses. This deserves a white board demo some day soon!
  5. Talent – You each will have your own strengths and weaknesses that will compliment each other.
  6. Relationship building – This is just my opinion based off of experience and observation but anytime a couple pursues goals and achieves success together they will be closer. Strengthened through common bonds and in building a future together that promises financial freedom. Freedom = happiness.

6¬†reasons should be plenty. If you need more I will come up with some and provide examples.¬†You may be thinking, this all sounds good but maybe you should wait until you cover the expense for your first business center. That’s a valid consideration but consider the value of getting your spouse placed above all other partners. What if you placed your first business partner on your strong leg (as otherwise you should) and then placed your second partner on your weak side and now having covered your initial investment decided to place your spouse under your second partner. Hopefully that second partner takes off and creates amazing volume. Your first business center will enjoy the volume bonus but your second business center will never get to touch it. That’s the double dipping referred to in #4. So it’s a risk you have to consider.

I know I got into some technicalities of the business model but if you are at this point of the consideration its a matter which you should be intensely interested.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Enroll Dual Businesses”

  1. Hey Bigryg, we’ve messaged before. My wife Lisa and I are trying to get our Grape Ambitions off the ground and are completely stalled! We WILL get it running (personally have a lot of moving parts) but loved the article above. (You may remember I was the retired Seabee).
    Anyway, I am signed up under Lisa, but being new to the network marketing comp plans, I assumed it made sense to get us BOTH with two directs before then building out her nine…. I assumed that would be better but now you have me second guessing myself.
    We are about to sign our daughter up today and were going to put her under me. Lisa only has two so far also….
    So (compensation-wise) it would be better to sign her up under Lisa and just keep working her nine as hard as we can first?
    Thanks for the help….and I love your posts.

    1. Great question Chuck. As you know we get paid off the volume from our weaker team so we always want to build that. So if you are building with multiple business centers then your second business center needs to go on your weak side as soon as possible so you can grow your weak volume. Meanwhile your second business center needs to grow their weak side which is going to be the opposite of your weak side. So if your weak side is the right side then your 2nd center goes there on the right while the weak side of the 2nd business center will be the left side. If you are building all business centers yourself you will want to establish your second business center as soon as possible and then max out your compensation plan on your first business center so the second can be accumulating strong side volume. Then start working on your second business center with the same strategy. Establish your next business center early on the 2nd business centers weak leg. All along all of your business centers are accumulating weak side volume. That was long winded. Hope it makes some sense. Ask for clarification if needed!

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